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An Overview of Chartered Surveyors
Chartered Surveyor is the common description of Fellows and Professional Members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, entitled to use the title in Ireland and Commonwealth nations. Chartered originates from an old royal charter granted to the first professional body of surveying engineers, now known as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. With the adoption of modern professional rules and procedures, the institute has been able to grow gradually, bringing itself up to its present day role of being the leading authority for providing training and supervision in surveying. Here's a good read about property valuations, check it out!

The chartered surveyors carry out the work of overseeing the compliance of building owners with the legal requirements of the various countries they are working in. This involves the scrutiny and evaluation of construction contracts, the preparation and approval of blueprints, the preparation and submission of proposals for altering architectural structures and so on. This service is usually rendered in connection with other fields such as engineering, architecture, surveying, architectural drafting and so on. Different types of chartered surveyors exist, depending upon the scope of their work. These different types of chartered surveyors include:

The engineer is a good example of a chartered surveyor, who mostly undertakes smaller jobs, although some big ones too. A chartered surveyor of engineer formulating proposals for new buildings or remodeling usually carries out the basic functions of a structural engineer, although not all structural engineers are chartered surveyors. The architect is a good example of a chartered surveyor, who undertakes large-scale projects, often requiring high precision measurements. Other types of chartered surveyors working in the field of construction include surveyors of public places and building surveyors. To gather more awesome ideas on building surveys, click here to get started.

A building surveyor performs a wide range of duties, some of which are very important. He inspects the standing and alignment of the structure, checks the foundation work, inspects for defects in the structure, checks for compliance of building regulations, and ensures that the site is in accordance with the requirements laid down by the local authority. He also ensures that the site complies with the building regulations of the area. A good construction surveyor carries out the major functions of a structural engineer. The engineer drafts plans, gives advice as to the probable construction and also prepares all the necessary documents and submits them for the approval of the officials.

In addition to carrying out the general duties of a structural engineer, a chartered surveyor can also be appointed to oversee the implementation of the plans of a building project. He can inspect the progress of work and suggest corrective measures to overcome problems arising during the construction. For instance, if the architect has drawn up a plan for a building but does not have the required permits to carry out the work, the chartered surveyor can inspect the validity of the permit and take remedial action before the construction work commences. Since different areas have different requirements, chartered surveyors are often specialized in different areas of construction. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.

One of the best ways to hire chartered surveyors is to browse through online classifieds. Most of the websites will have a collection of licensed, experienced surveyors from all over the country. You can send your requirements for surveying to a particular city or town and you shall receive responses within 24 hours. When you are satisfied with the feedback you have received, you can contact the person and finalize the contract. In this manner, you can save time and money as well as be assured of quality surveying work.